Top 20 Science & Technology Professors in North Carolina

Top Science Professors in North Carolina

Do you find yourself using the scientific method for fun? Inventing things in your head constantly? Wondering just exactly how all of this stuff, all of these animals and plants, planets, machines—all of this everything works? A career in science or engineering is probably right up your alley. From designing the world’s tallest buildings to discovering the universe’s tiniest particles, scientists and engineers are constantly breaking down old barriers and pushing the limits of human knowledge—and a good number of them are doing it in North Carolina. According to U.S. News & World Report, the Tar Heel State is home to two of the top 25 schools in the country for biological sciences, two of the top 50 for chemistry, three of the top fifty for computer science—and the list goes on. For engineering, North Carolina is home to three of the top 100 schools.

Each of these programs is only as good as the professors that teach in them, which is why we’ve put together a list of the top science and engineering professors in North Carolina. Everyone works differently with different people, which makes it difficult to put together a definitive list of “top” professors. We’ve chosen these twenty for their recent accolades in the classroom and contributions to their fields.

Professor School Bio Photo
Bryce H. Lane North Carolina State University

An instructor in NCSU’s horticulture department, Bryce Lane won a 2013 Nashville/MidSouth Emmy Award for instructional programming. He’s earned numerous other awards for his teaching abilities over the last several decades.

Chih-Hao Chang North Carolina State University

An assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at NCSU, Dr. Chih-Hao Chang won an Early Career Faculty Award from NASA. His research interests lie in multifunctional nano-structured materials and nano-manufacturing.

Fred Gould North Carolina State University

Dr. Fred Gould received the 2012 O. Max Gardner Award, the most significant honor given to faculty by the University of North Carolina Board of Governors. He is the William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Entomology at NCSU.

James Guy North Carolina State University

The first recipient of the U.S. Poultry and Egg Association’s prestigious Dr. Charles Beard Research Excellence Award, Dr. James Guy completed ground-breaking research, discovering an infectious disease common in broiler chickens. He is a professor of poultry health management and specializes in disease research.

Jayant Baliga North Carolina State University

In 2010, Dr. Baliga was with the highest honor in the United States for technological achievement, the National Medal of Technology and Innovation for inventing the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT). He is the director of Duke’s Power Semiconductor Research Center.

Keith Russell Beck North Carolina State University

Keith Russell Beck is a recipient of the Olney Medal for outstanding achievement in textile chemistry. Beck is a member of the American Chemical Society and has authored more than 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers and book chapters.

Michael Escuti North Carolina State University

Dr. Escuti has collected many accolades in his career, including the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers and a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation. His work on directing laser beams could mean considerable breakthroughs in space communication.

Robert Beichner North Carolina State University

For his work as digital education pioneer, Dr. Robert Beichner was awarded the 2011 Harold W. McGraw Jr. Prize in Education. He is credited with changing the way students learn in science classes at more than 100 universities.

Azeez Aileru Winston-Salem State University

Dr. Azeez Aileru studies racially linked health disorders and is Director of the Biomedical Research Infrastructure Center at WSSU. He won an award for his excellent research and contributions to biotechnology from the N.C. Biotechnology Center.

Charles Ebert Winston-Salem State University

In 2012, Dr. Charles Ebert received a grant from the National Science Foundation to support his research into nerve injuries. He is an assistant professor of chemistry at WSSU.

Arlie O. Petters Duke University

Dr. Petters was Grand Marshal of the 2012 Central American Parade in L.A., earned the 2011 Caribbean American Heritage Award for Excellence in Science and Technology and the 2011 Robert L. Clark Award for Scientific Achievement, and was even honored by the Queen of England for his accomplishments.

Ben Lee Duke University

Professor of electrical and computer engineering Dr. Ben Lee’s career is really taking off. In the four years since earning his PhD, he’s been won numerous awards, including a Google Faculty Research Award in 2011 and a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation.

Jonathan Protz Duke University

Dr. Jonathan Protz was awarded the Klein Family Distinguished Teaching Award in 2011. His research interests lie in propulsion and power generation on the micro scale, microsystems, and aerospace and defense programs.

Mohamed A. F. Noor Duke University

Earl D. McLean Professor and Associate Chair of Biology at Duke University, Dr. Noor has had an impressive career. He was the winner of the Linnean Society’s prestigious semi-centennial Darwin-Wallace Medal in 2009 and received a David and Janet Vaughan Brooks Teaching Award in 2012.

Walter Neal Simmons Duke University

Dr. Neal Simmons is the Gendell Associate Professor of the Practice at Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering. He won the school’s 2012 Klein Family Distinguished Teaching Award.

John W. Stiller East Carolina University

Associate professor of biology Dr. John W. Stiller was the recipient of a 2013 UNC Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching. He studies molecular evolution and algal genomics.

J. Christopher Clemens University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chris Clemens’ research interests include stellar seismology, interacting Binaries, Time-resolved photometry and spectroscopy, and Astronomical Instrumentation. He earned a 2012 Faculty Award for Excellence in Doctoral Mentoring, one of many awards he’s gotten through his career.

Ty Hedrick University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dr. Ty Hedrick is an assistant professor of biology at UNC at Chapel Hill and the recipient of a CAREER Award supporting junior faculty from the National Science Foundation. His research focuses on how animals produce and control motion, flight in particular, from humming birds to butterflies.

Mohamed Shehab University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Dr. Mohamed Shehab is an assistant professor of software and information systems at UNC Charlotte. He’s earned a Google Research Award to investigate policy management in social networks, a research interest of his that’s also attracted funding from the National Science Foundation.

Timothy Ritter University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Winner of a 2013 UNC Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching, the highest honor the board can bestow on a professor, Dr. Timothy Ritter has an engaging presence in the classroom. He’s served 21 years in the military and been called to active twice since 9/11.